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General Questions

Is your farm open to the public?

Visitors are welcome to stop by the farm any time of year. However, we cannot promise to be here or to have time to talk if we are busy. You can always tour the farm online with our photo gallery.

How do we contact you?

See the contact us page.
You can also find us on Facebook.

Where can we find your bios?

Will you speak at our event?

Contact us to schedule speaking engagements. Since it is a long distance from our farm to anywhere and we miss work while away, we have to charge a flat rate, plus all travel and lodging expenses.

When and where are you speaking next?

See the events calendar.

I want to be an organic farmer. How do I get started?

See books to order books online and resources for more information.

What kind of greenhouse should I buy?

The Winter Harvest Handbook has answers to this question, and much more. Also see our resources section.

Is your show Gardening Naturally still on the air?

The television show Gardening Naturally, hosted by Barbara and Eliot, aired on The Learning Channel from 1993-2003.